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Indian Painting reflects the glorious culture and heritage of India into an incredible variety of colors and styles. Painting in India is a long practiced tradition. This creative form of art inspired generations of artists as their passion or profession. Indian painting has adopted variety of techniques and styles in its journey to the world of arts. The new techniques and innovations have made it more enriched and versatile. Indian paintings are invaluable visual records of history. We can delve deeper into the periods of history through these indelible pieces of arts.

Painting was practiced in India from the pre historic times. Various scenes of animal hunting and tribal wars were sculptured in the rocks and caves that came to be known as cave painting. The rock paintings of Bhimbekta are said to be the most archaic of the Indian paintings (5000B.C). The cave paintings of the Ajanta and Ellora are the modified versions of Bhimbekta. A combination of murals and frescos, the paintings spellbind with their aestheticism, meticulousness and workmanship. The tenets of Indian painting and the various earlier forms of the art are to found in books like 'Mudraskshaka', 'Vishnudharmottara' and 'Vinayapitaka'.

Indian painting has several styles of paintings under its domain. Miniature Paintings are one of the most popular among them. Beautiful images from the epics and mythologies, idols of Hindu gods and goddesses and royal court scenes were depicted on pieces of glass, paper, marble, silk and leather in these paintings. The paintings were highly appreciated for their rich colors and dazzling effects. The Rajput School of Miniature Paintings, The Deccan School of Miniature Paintings and The Mughal School of Miniature Paintings are sequels to original miniature paintings.

Thangka Paintings are a form of Buddhist arts that were imbibed from the Buddhist missionaries of Tibet during the time of emperor Ashoka. The word 'thangka' is a Tibetan word meaning paintings on flat surfaces. Thangka paintings were laid out on silk and cotton materials. They could be folded in and rolled out according to the necessity. Used as scrolls the various thanka paintings find Buddha and Bodhisattva in various meditative postures. 'Buddha Mandala', 'Shakyamuni Buddha'and 'Maitreye Buddha' are some popular images that are figured in the paintings. The paintings inspire us to awaken our true spiritual self.

Madhubani Paintings are the exclusive paintings of the 'Mithila' region of Bihar. The rural women of 'Mithila' used to carve out their aspirations and imaginations in their mud built doors and walls. These came to be known as 'Madhubani Paintings'. A charming folk art, the humble paintings now adorn the art galleries and cozy domestic interiors. Warli Paintings bring out the customs, beliefs and the lifestyle of the tribal people of Maharastra in bright colors and designs. 'Pata Chitra' is the traditional painting form of Orissa. Deities of Hindu gods and goddesses and mythological figures are portrayed on large sheets of fabrics in this painting. Modern Indian Painting reflects India in the post-colonial era. The paintings can be perceived in the works of Jamini Roy, Mukbul Fida Hussain, S.K Bakre and S.H Raza.

Food Creations

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Car Painting

Car insurance to some people, is a necessity while to some, it is not. In my earlier article on “A look at Life Insurance” you will be quite convinced that life insurance is a necessity for a family. Like wise, car insurance is a necessity for every car owner. By the definition of accident, no car is free from road mishaps. Also, no car can be hundred percent protected from car theft. Since we live in an unsecured world, our cars are also not equally not secured. Thus, we all need car insurance or auto insurance to help protect our car from unforeseen circumstances which may lead to permanent loss of a car.

Not only this, some car insurance not only protects the car. Most car insurance equally insures the victims of such car mishap. It all depends on the policy of the car insurance or auto insurance company. With all these benefits one will derive from car insurance, will you still view car insurance as unimportant, a luxury or a necessity.

Actually, anyone who drives a car runs the risk of liability for an accident. Nobody prays for an accident. We all know that car accidents can not easily be avoided. Thus, we need a little bit of security for our cars. The only way we will get this type of security is by insuring our car.

As a matter of fact, every individual should see car insurance as a necessity not a luxury. As you contemplate on this articles, try and understand the policy of the car insurance company which you will demand their service.

Don’t because of car insurance drive recklessly. Always drive safe.

Bald monkey

Individuals born under the sign of the Monkey Chinese Zodiac are ambitious and capable of achieving their goals. Monkey Chinese Zodiac personalities are always striving to keep up with their neighbors and co-workers, especially when it comes to acquiring nice things. This sense of jealousy, superiority, and ego make dealing with a Monkey Chinese Zodiac personality a bit tricky for other signs. Individuals born under the Monkey Chinese Zodiac are great at planning and extremely competitive. They often put on the appearance of being shy, yet they are really very strong performers and have a good sense of humor and a fearless streak that allows them to take the risks that help them succeed in life and business.

Individuals born under the Monkey Chinese Zodiac tend to be the trailblazers in what they do. They are individuals who think outside the box, finding new and innovative ways to reach new business heights. Monkeys are good at sales or positions that require dealing with numbers and money. They are meticulous in record keeping and driven to do continuously better.

Monkeys are energetic and generally cheerful in nature. They keep their secrets close to their chest and use their love of competition to keep themselves stimulated in their occupations. People born under the sign of the Monkey Chinese Zodiac, do best when allowed to excel in things that showcase their strategic planning or money skills. Financial planning, accounting, stock broker, or banking positions are excellent opportunities for the individual born under the sign of the Monkey Chinese Zodiac. Monkey Chinese Zodiac is most compatible with the Rat and Dragon Chinese Zodiac. Either of these signs will make strong unions either in companionship/love or in business. The Boar Chinese Zodiac is also fairly good if there are specific areas of common interest. Individuals born under the Monkey Chinese Zodiac should, however, avoid any type of long term relationship with those born under the sign of the Tiger Chinese Zodiac as there is little, if any, common areas of interest. The Monkey Chinese Zodiac is the sign for individuals who were born in 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004.
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